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3 Steps to Take Before Getting a Divorce

Herrig & Vogt June 5, 2015

When you are preparing for a divorce, if you are not thorough with the specifics, the entire procedure could get complicated and difficult. There will be a stack of paperwork to sort through and numerous claims from your spouse to challenge or refute. It might seem inconceivable that anyone could get through a divorce without losing their hair. If you take three critical steps as you prepare, however, you will find that things can go smoothly and painlessly.

Secure Your Income

Before you even file for a divorce, take a good look at your current financial situation. Are you sitting comfortably due to a hard-earned salary, or are you finding it difficult just to make ends meet? Do you have ample savings and insurance, or barely anything in reserves at all? And, most importantly, how will that all change when you get divorced? By reviewing your income ahead of time, you can plan for child or spousal support options and present a solid case that upholds your best interests. Otherwise, you could find yourself losing your current standard of living and general sense of stability.

Catalogue Your Property

California is a “no-fault” state when it comes to divorces, which means the spouse asking for a divorce does not need to prove the other did something wrong to end the marriage. It also means that if your spouse cheated on you, they won’t necessarily be punished by earning less than half of your shared property. To protect the most valuable pieces of your estate – such as homes, automobiles, heirlooms, and businesses – catalogue them ahead of time to establish what was yours before the marriage and what should remain yours after the divorce.

Retain a Divorce Attorney

More importantly than anything, the moment you begin considering filing for divorce, or as soon as someone hands you divorce papers, seek the professional counsel of a divorce lawyer you can trust. If you are unprepared for some of the complexities that can arise in just about any divorce case, your rights might be overlooked or ignored. When you have an attorney at your side, you know that any surprises will be met with confident, reliable support.