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Real Estate Law Attorneys in Granite Bay, California

Protecting Your Property Interests in All Cases

Our experienced real estate lawyers provide critical legal assistance at every stage of the ownership and purchasing process. We provide document preparation for land purchases, commercial property purchases, new construction, sales, leasing and financing. Our diligent legal representation has resulted in the successful negotiation of complex real estate disputes. Contact our experienced real estate lawyers for help with your real estate transaction.

Types of Real Estate Matters We Handle

Our Experienced Real Estate Lawyers Handle a Variety of Real Estate Issues, Such As:

  • Real Estate Acquisitions and Sales

  • Financing

  • Homeowner Associations and Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions

  • Legal Issues Concerning Real Estates

  • Construction Contracts and Design/build Contracts

  • Commercial Leases and Lease Options

  • Easements and Rights-Of-Way

  • Ownership Entity Formation

Legal Assistance When You Need It Most

Not all real estate transactions are agreeable. Litigation may arise when the parties are not in agreement regarding their property or contract rights. Our real estate attorneys have yielded many successful outcomes in a wide array of real estate disputes.

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Our Real Estate Litigation Experience

  • Resolving Breach of Contract Disputes Arising out Of the Purchase and Sale of Real Property

  • Pursuing Damages and Contract Rescission in Cases Involving Seller Non-Disclosure and Misrepresentation

  • Pursuing Damages for Construction Defects and Providing Legal Representation in Construction Performance Disputes

  • Establishing Broker or Agent Liability

  • Securing Property Through Legal Processes Such as Quiet Title and Partition

  • Pursuing Claims Involving the Misappropriation of Funds, Financial Mismanagement, and Fraud

  • Drafting Documents for Loans, Deeds of Trust, and Receiverships

  • Recording Mechanics’ Liens, Stop Notices, and Bond Claims

  • Resolving Commercial Landlord-Tenant Disputes Through Mediation, Arbitration, and Negotiation

  • Pursuing Claims Based on Nuisance, Trespass, and Environmental Hazards

  • Securing Easements and Providing Legal Representation in Boundary Disputes and Adverse Possession Cases

Offering Broad Knowledge of Real Estate Issues

The breadth of our real estate experience that our talented team of legal professionals shares makes us particularly qualified to represent you in your real estate dispute. We focus on minimizing the costs and time associated with real estate disputes and may suggest resolution through alternative dispute resolution.

However, if ADR remedies do not resolve the issue, we have developed a reputation as aggressive litigators who zealously represent our clients' best interests. We will keep you notified of the progress of your case and explain the legal options that are available to you before moving forward on your behalf. We are committed to structuring your case in a way that meets your goals and objectives, whether you want to quickly settle your dispute or take it to trial.

For help with your real estate transactions or dispute, contact our firm and schedule a free consultation today.