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Contract Drafting & Review Attorneys in Granite Bay, California

California requires that an agreement to sell real property or to lease real property for more than a year be in writing and signed by the parties.  Commercial real estate sales contracts and lease agreements can be lengthy and complicated, often containing provisions with important legal consequences that are not always easily understood.  The standard California Residential Purchase Agreement is used in most private sales of single-family homes in California, but many buyers and sellers — and even their real estate agents — do not understand the legal significance of every provision contained in the standard form agreement.  

Herrig, Vogt & Hensley, LLP’s attorneys have considerable experience assisting our clients in complex commercial real estate transactions. We have argued the meaning and effect of many specific contractual provisions in state and federal courts, thus our transactional expertise is bolstered by our background in real estate.    We take pride in our ability to advise and assist our clients in negotiating complex real estate transactions, drafting contracts that clearly state the parties’ agreement and intentions, and helping our clients understand the meaning and effect of each provision of the contract under consideration.   

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Our real estate attorneys will:

  • Review all documentation related to the purchase, sale, or lease of a commercial or residential property

  • Evaluate covenants, liens, easements, and other obligations related to the property

  • Explain the contract, including the rights created and obligations imposed under each provision  

  • Identify areas of concern and assist in negotiating more favorable terms

  • Draft all documents necessary to complete a real estate transaction, including any necessary contract revisions   

We represent both sellers and buyers of commercial and residential properties and are able to accompany you through the entire process, offering advice and assistance that may be critical to a successful outcome.  We are here to help you understand every significant detail of the transaction – and to advocate for your best interest in all aspects of the real estate transaction.

Please contact our experienced real estate attorneys if you have any questions about a real estate contract, or if you want advice or assistance in any aspect of real estate law.