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5 Common Causes of Business Disputes

Herrig & Vogt Oct. 20, 2014

The business world is filled with competition along with the need for cooperation. Every company wants to be better than their competitors, which often causes disputes between competing companies. At Herrig & Vogt, LLP, we offer quality legal services to individuals throughout Roseville and Granite Bay, California. Contact our firm today if you are facing any type of business dispute.

Common Causes of Business Disputes Include:

Breach of Contract

If any party within a business contract does not uphold obligations which are described in the agreement, the other party can sue under the claim of a breach of contract. The victimized party may be entitled to collect monetary compensation. The judge can come to a decision based on the financial losses and the extent of the breach of contract.

Employment Litigation

The conduct of an employer toward his or her employees or the environment can result in disputes between any of the following parties:

  • City agencies

  • Workers

  • Business owners

Disputes involving regulations within the business world are often very complicated and costly. You will need a powerful attorney on your side.

Premises Liability

If anyone is injured on a property that is owned by a business, the company may be liable for damages of the injured party. He or she may be liable for both compensatory and punitive damages. Businesses have the ability to dispute its liability for damages and can obtain a legal advocate to support them in court.

Shareholder Disputes

Internal disputes that arise over finances or other matters involving partners and shareholders in a business will require legal representation to make sure that the contract is upheld. Your legal advisor can also make sure that finances are properly distributed.


If any party within a business relationship misrepresents information that leads to a loss of money, the victim may be entitled to financial damages. With the help of a legal guide, fair results can be pursued within court.