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Covid-19 Resources for Residents of Placer County

Herrig & Vogt Nov. 12, 2020

Local Information and Updates for Placer County  

Food Resources for Persons in Need in Placer County 

Resources for Victims of Domestic Abuse in Placer County 

Mental Health Resources for Placer County

Child Abuse Resouces for Placer County

Resources for The Homeless in Placer County  

Placer County Resources for Seniors

Resources for Businesses in Placer County

Resources for Workers in Placer County 

Legal Resources for Residents of Placer County

Free Legal Answers program.  Through this online platform, modest means clients (under 400% of the Federal Poverty Level) located in Northern California (Monterey and north) may ask volunteer attorneys legal questions having to do with the COVID-19 pandemic or wildfires.  Individuals/clients interested in using this service should visit  You can also click here to see an informational flyer about this program.

Videos: Family Law Concerns

General Information About Custody & Spousal Support

Child Support and Spousal Support

Custody & Support

Domestic Violence Protection During the Pandemic

Resources for Help with Utilities for Residents of Placer County

On a Lighter Note

It can’t all be doom and gloom. Here are some resources for you and your family to make the most out of the situation.