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Resolution: Get Organized

Herrig & Vogt Jan. 2, 2019

Popular New Year’s resolutions for Americans don’t seem to change a whole lot through the years. You’ll often see things like “lose weight” and “save more money” on resolution lists. Another common trend for resolutions is getting organized.

Now is the time to go beyond just cutting back the clutter, and start planning for your future and protecting your family. Here are a few organizational goals you can set for yourself to accomplish this in the New Year:

  1. Find out if a trust is right for you – and if so, what type

  2. Write or review/update your will

  3. Complete an Advance Health Care Directive

  4. Change or update your beneficiaries

  5. Draft a Power of Attorney

  6. Digitize your important documents

This list may seem daunting and you may just need to understand what estate planning documents you already have or might need for the future. Get professional help, like the experienced estate planning team at Herrig & Vogt, LLP, to finally tackle those big to-dos.  

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