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California dog owners are responsible for preventing dog bites and attacks. If you were bitten or attacked by a dog that was not adequately restrained, you could take legal action to hold the dog owner accountable for his or her negligence. A dog bite can have adverse financial and emotional effects on your livelihood, and you should not have to shoulder the burden alone. At Herrig, Vogt & Hensley, LLP, we are dedicated to fighting for victims of negligence and helping them seek the compensation they need to recover.

The law firm of Herrig, Vogt & Hensley, LLP provides quality legal services from top-rated attorneys who are well-respected within the legal community. Some of our Roseville personal injury lawyers have been rated AV Preeminent® by Martindale-Hubbell®. This is a peer review rating system that measures an attorney's competence within the courtroom and legal guidance to clients and is only available to the top 5% of attorneys in the country. This honor is one of many that showcases our firm's commitment to excellence. When you retain the representation of our team, you can feel confident that you will receive skillful and knowledgeable counsel.

California Dog Bite Law

Unlike many states that employ a one-bite rule, California law holds dog owners strictly liable for the injuries that their dogs cause so long as the bite occurred under the terms of the statute. If the dog bit a person on public property or an invited visitor on private property, for example, the dog owner is automatically held liable for the damages the victim sustained, even if the dog has never bit anyone before or the dog owner did not do anything in particular that was negligent.

This statute applies, provided that:

  1. The dog bite occurred on public property or on private property that the victim had the right to be on;

  2. The victim’s injuries were caused by the dog’s bite;

  3. The victim did not provoke the dog

If the victim can establish that all of these requirements were met, he or she does not have to prove negligence to recover damages from the dog owner.

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Furthermore, parties other than the dog owner may sometimes be liable for the injuries if they had control or responsibility for the animal at the time of the attack based on the legal principle of scienter. This legal principle holds a party liable when he or she knew, or should reasonably have known, of a dog's propensity for danger and failed to take necessary precautions to restrain it.

What to Do After a Dog Bite

As a potential plaintiff in a lawsuit against the dog owner or other responsible party, you bear the responsibility of proving your claim. It is crucial to ensure that you are taking all necessary measures after a dog bite incident to preserve your claim.

The Steps You Should Take After a Dog Bite:

  1. Write down the dog owner’s name and contact information

  2. Get the names and contact information of any witnesses who saw the incident

  3. Seek medical attention

  4. Report the attack

Maintain all original paperwork associated with your claim, including the accident report, medical records, and employment records that show you missed work because of the attack. Gathering evidence and information will be critical if the dog owner attempts to fight your claim.

At Herrig, Vogt & Hensley, LLP, we can help analyze your case to determine the best course of action and seek the full compensation you deserve. We understand that a dog bite can not only cause substantial medical bills, but it can also cause significant emotional trauma, especially in cases in which the victim is a young child. Our firm is dedicated to fighting to ensure that you are able to recover the maximum amount of compensation available for your claim.

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Our Roseville personal injury attorneys at Herrig, Vogt & Hensley, LLP have been practicing law for more than 100 years combined. Throughout these years, we have represented countless dog bite victims and have since gained a comprehensive understanding of legal matters and access to a network of professionals we can consult for focused guidance. Let us help you fight for the recovery you need and deserve.

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