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Special Needs Trusts Lawyers in Granite Bay, California

Preserving Public Benefits with Special Needs Trusts

Crafting an estate plan can be overwhelming, especially for those concerned about the potential impact on their child's eligibility for public assistance benefits. This is where experienced legal guidance becomes crucial.

If you have a child with physical or mental impairments, rendering them unable to generate income for self-sufficiency, they may qualify for essential programs such as Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Medi-Cal, and other forms of support once you are no longer able to provide care.

However, as these programs are means-tested, leaving your child an amount exceeding certain limits through a will or trust may inadvertently disqualify them from receiving these vital public benefits.

Unless you possess a significant estate and intend to leave your child with ample resources to sustain a comfortable lifestyle, including necessary medical treatments, this situation could place them in a challenging position. Surprisingly, even a modest inheritance can potentially hinder your child's eligibility for benefits.

Safeguard Your Children with a Special Needs Trust for Enhanced Protection

At Herrig, Vogt & Hensley, LLP, we possess decades of experience in estate planning, and are equipped with comprehensive knowledge of the California Probate Code. When confronted with the complex interplay between inheritances and public assistance programs, we will consider the best strategies, including establishing a special needs trust, to support your loved one.

In essence, a special needs trust is a distinct legal arrangement designed to meet specific requirements, ensuring that your child can inherit while preserving eligibility for public benefits programs. By creating a special needs trust, you can secure your child's quality of life by enabling them to receive essential public benefits to cover living expenses and medical care.

Establishing a special needs trust can appear overwhelming, particularly given the need to ensure its long-term effectiveness after your passing. This task requires the expertise of a qualified estate planning attorney. Our knowledgeable lawyers will work closely with you to draft tailored documents that suit your unique circumstances, incorporating all necessary provisions within the trust to maintain your child's eligibility for public benefits.

In addition to establishing the trust, selecting the right trustee is critical. Your chosen trustee should be a reliable individual entrusted with managing the trust's financial aspects, avoiding any errors that could jeopardize your child's benefit eligibility or mishandle trust fund.

Experienced and Compassionate Estate Planning Attorneys for Your Peace of Mind

Our team of dedicated estate planning lawyers excel in drafting special needs trust documents and offer expert legal guidance to appointed trustees entrusted with administering these trusts. In guiding the trustee through administration, we understand the importance and the need to diligently comply with all the fiduciary duties while also avoiding potential pitfalls that may result in allegations of breach of fiduciary duty or the jeopardization of benefit eligibility.

Herrig, Vogt & Hensley, LLP serves clients in throughout California. Our team extends our support with complimentary case evaluations, allowing you to discover the valuable assistance we can provide. With our compassionate approach and extensive expertise, you can experience peace of mind throughout the estate planning process.

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