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Construction projects are often complex and may involve more than two parties. Often, there may be dozens of separate entities working on a single construction project. Contracts are essential to establish who is responsible for completing specific work within a particular timeframe and at the specified price. Construction contracts need to protect your interests in many different scenarios, such as when changes occur on the project or when payment issues arise.

At Herrig, Vogt & Hensley, LLP, our lawyers are experienced in construction as well as construction law, giving us a unique skill set to prepare construction contracts that are designed to protect your interests and clearly outline the responsibilities of each party in case an enforcement action is necessary.

Binding Nature of Contracts

When you sign a contract, you are bound to the provisions in the contract. It is important that you fully understand the obligations you will incur before you sign a contract. The attorneys at Herrig, Vogt & Hensley, LLP can ensure that every contract you sign protects you and will help you draft contractual language that accomplishes this objective.

Indemnification Clause

Indemnification makes one party responsible for legal liabilities that arise out of the contract. This area of law can be complex. If your contract contains an indemnification clause, make sure you fully understand what that means to you and your company. Indemnity language should be precise to ensure that your interests are protected. Your lawyer can explain the limits of indemnity under California law. It is incredibly important to know your rights and your potential liability.

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Construction workers on a lunch break.Changes Clause

Changes in construction projects are quite common, and it is important to know whether you are protected before changes occur. We can draft a 'changes clause' in your contract that defines what types of changes must be accompanied by a change order and how these changes will be paid.

Attorney Fee Clause

If you need to enforce your contract rights in court, it is important that you have an attorney fee clause in your contract so that we can recover these expenses from the opposing party. 

Dispute Resolution Clause

If a dispute does arise, it is important that you have a strategy in place to help you resolve the dispute as quickly and affordably as possible. We can include a dispute resolution provision in your construction contract that requires mediation or arbitration to resolve the dispute.

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Whether you are a general contractor, a subcontractor, a supplier, or the project owner, it is important to have a lawyer with experience in the construction industry to properly draft your construction projects. Our attorneys at Herrig, Vogt & Hensley, LLP have extensive experience in the construction industry and can manage the details of your construction plan and contracts.

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